Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Uggs vs. Koolaburra Update

Well, I got my grey Koolaburras... and it turned out that light grey + ugg-style boots = boots that look like slippers. *Sigh*... so back they went. I exchanged them for a chocolate brown pair.

It turns out that the chocolate brown Koolaburras have a vertical embroidery detail on the back, which I wasn't crazy about, but it's growing on me. The real magic of these boots is how wonderful they feel inside. I like that the insole is replaceable and how you can fold the top of the boot down for a different look. And I like that they're not what everyone else has!

End result? I'm happy with my purchase - yay!

BTW... I bought them from and they're on sale right now.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Battle of the Uggs

I decided that I wanted a pair of UGGs and I got my heart set on it. I've had a pair of CL On Your Feet ugg-style boots for years now, and they've held up well, but I wanted what I thought was "the real thing." So I started doing research on them, not wanting to regret my purchase. I discovered through my research that the UGG brand is not made in Australia, but in China! And they use inferior sheepskin that will get stinky because it doesn't breathe. Ick! Check out this article for more info
This article led me to search specifically for Australian Merino Sheepskin and I discovered Koolaburra. I've heard of this brand, but frankly, I had just figured that they were another UGG knock-off. As it turns out, they are the "real thing" - made in Australia with Australian Merino Sheepskin. I went to the UGG website to see if I they mentioned the type of sheepskin they use or the country of origin - and, sure enough, they don't say where they are made or what kind of sheepskin they use ( In contrast, when I went to Koolaburra's website, I didn't have to go past the homepage to find out where they are made and see links to pages that discuss their sheepskin. Click here for their website, you also might want to view their FAQ page, which discusses why Koolaburra can't use the term "ugg" to describe their boots.
For a more in depth account of the battle of the uggs, look at this New Zealand site

"Uggs, they argue, have always been called Uggs, originally an abbreviation of Ugly. No one bothered with trademarks because Ugg was a generic term. Everyone knew it meant a comfortable, flat-heeled sheepskin boot, although - until the current fashion craze - few people admitted to owning a pair. Brian Iverson, owner of Blue Mountains Ugg Boots, says of Deckers' demands: 'It's like saying you can't call a car a car.'"

After all of this research, I decided to place my order for a pair of Koolaburra's and was delighted to discover that they come in grey, a unique color that UGG doesn't carry. I've just placed my order and can't wait to get my boots! I'll post an update with pictures when I receive them.

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